Thursday, December 18, 2008

More Stories Coming Soon...

Hello--this is Ben's mom. Just wanted to let you know that Ben is writing 8 stories with illustrations for a school project, and his work will be published in a book that comes out in 2009 sometime.

More of his stories as well as the published ones will be posted here very soon!


Saturday, July 19, 2008

A Story About When My Mom Was A Kid

When my mom was a kid she had a frog. Since the ducks were my mom's friends she held the frog out to the ducks...Snap!!! The frog was gone. My mom never wanted to see a duck again. She did see a duck again. The End

The Egg

Once upon a time there was an egg. A little boy found it. He put it in the mircrowave. An hour later the egg hatched. It was a chicken. The chicken was furless. The little thing looked like a baby rat. Everybody laughed at it. The poor chicken sat down and squaked. The only person who didn't laugh was the boy. He made everybody go away and the chicken was happy. The End.

How To Make a Robot

First, you need a cell phone vibration motor, a tooth brush top with the bristles and copper wire. Then you take the copper wire and stick it in the hole in the motor and the hole in the toothbrush top and it will move.

Wednesday, June 11, 2008

If I Had Eight Legs

If I had eight legs they would get stuck everywhere. In the door, in my chair, on my dresser and tangled in my pencil. I could not swim. It would be hard to get in my house too. My dog would chew them up. I couldn't eat. I could fire lots of guns. I'm glad I have two legs.

Wednesday, May 28, 2008


Chuck is my cat. He tends to bite with his razor sharp teeth. He'll do anything to get attention and polish his teeth. Every time he hunts I'm the one to pick up the bird. By the way, he hunts by striking with his back legs. But, whenever he goes on the floor...I run! He was the only white cat in his litter and I knew he was the one.

Saturday, May 24, 2008

The Dog Who Wore Flip Flops

Once there was a dog who was so cute she just had to get shoes. So the family bought flip flops for her but after a week, they were gone with the dog. When they found her, the flip flops were gone. So, they bought her tenashoes and it worked out.

The Cat

One day there was knokking at the door. We opened it up and there was a kitten. I called my mom and dad into the room. They said, "We're busy!" So I brought it into the living room and showed them. They were amazed.

I went to school the next day. But I couldn't concentrate. I accidently spilled food all over my jeans.

When I got home I ran into my room to see the kitten but it wasn't there. I asked my mom and dad where it was. They didn't know.

Then I went upstairs to find it. It was right on the staircase!

How To Draw a Stick Bandit

First you make a vertical line. Then, draw a horrizontal line through it. Next, draw a head. After that, make a line on the first line you made. That's it.

What If

What if I lose my wallet?
What if I drown?
What if my shirt rips?
What if I turn into a monster?
What if I suffocate because somebody sticks olives up my nose at night?
What if I choke?
What if Mr. Fat Balloon takes over the world?!!?
What if...

Wednesday, May 21, 2008

The Misunderstanding of Flag Man

Once upon a time there was a car wash robot. He had sprayed 1,000,000,000,000,000,000 cars. But one day when the boss was jabbering the duties that needed to be done, Flag Man sprayed the boss and said "I quit" and walked off spraying everybody he saw. The car wash went down from business and Flag Man was in the lumber business washing logs and was happy. The end.

I Am

I'm the crayon man,
I came from bright colors and chocolate.
I am a builder, a weirdo.
I come from a strange family.
I understand dogs,
We come from Salmon and Lemhi.
I am a game wiz.
I make stuff from scratch, a robot builder.
I am a wildman.
That's who I am!


Silver is...
A new pointy screw,
The clouds on a rainy day,
My mom's fast car,
And a shiny beautiful piece of crome.

Silver is...
A smooth point of a crayon,
A hard cold piece of metal,
A strong stool leg,
And a scratchy, rough rock.

That's what silver is to me!

When I Went to Reno

When I was six, I went to Reno. I went up to a candy claw, put a quarter in...I didn't know it was broken. The sign said, "Play until you win." I kept winning but it didn't turn off. So it gave me lots of candy. My brother had to help me carry it when the machine turned off.

The Driving Kid

On a sunny day we were coming home from Salmon. Then my dad surprised me with letting me drive near a big hill. I just steared but it was fun anyway. I almost drove off the hill. When we got back to the road, that's when my dad took over. That's how I know how to drive.

My Favorite Things

Book: The Giving Tree
Subject: Math
Pet: Chuck the cat
Food: Corndog
Hobby: Sharpening sticks
TV Show: Tom & Jerry
I'm good at swinging on vines
When I grow up, I would like to be a vet.

The Perfect Day to Rake the Leaves

First you get the rake and rake the leaves. Then you sack the leaves. Third, you wait for the garbage truck. Last, when he gets there, you put your rake away. That's how to rake the leaves.

How to Carve a Pumpkin

For one thing, I would cut off the top. Then I would carve the eyes. Then the mouth, and ears and nose. But before that, I'd get a ladder.

My Life

When I was younger, let's say one year old. We always went to my grampa's house. We ate carmel and hot cocoa. Eventually they died. Just of old age. I miss them so much. Now that I am older, I eat less sweats. I stay on a diet. Well any ways, I ride my motorcycle now, and I play a few more video games. We only have seven video games. When I'm older I want to play baseball. Like Babe Ruth and play for the Red Sox. When I'm not playing, I'll be with my family. I will live on a farm for a job. Or I could play tennis.

The Package

One day Fred was mailing a package. He couldn't wait to mail it. When the other person got it, he was amazed. He hadn't got one before. He loved it! It was a baseball card! A Babe Ruth baseball card!

But one day, he started wondering where it came from. So he found the postage letter and followed the address. When he got to the house, he knocked on the door. When it was answered, he saw a kid. He said, "Is this Fred's house?" He said, "Yes." Then he said, "Thank you."

The End.


My Dad is very special, because he makes me smile. And when I get the hiccups, he covers my mouth with his hand. It makes me laugh even more. I laugh so much that I have the hiccups for two days. That's why he's special.