Saturday, July 19, 2008

A Story About When My Mom Was A Kid

When my mom was a kid she had a frog. Since the ducks were my mom's friends she held the frog out to the ducks...Snap!!! The frog was gone. My mom never wanted to see a duck again. She did see a duck again. The End

The Egg

Once upon a time there was an egg. A little boy found it. He put it in the mircrowave. An hour later the egg hatched. It was a chicken. The chicken was furless. The little thing looked like a baby rat. Everybody laughed at it. The poor chicken sat down and squaked. The only person who didn't laugh was the boy. He made everybody go away and the chicken was happy. The End.

How To Make a Robot

First, you need a cell phone vibration motor, a tooth brush top with the bristles and copper wire. Then you take the copper wire and stick it in the hole in the motor and the hole in the toothbrush top and it will move.